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Kind Words About GRVL CAMP

Had an amazing time at GRVL CAMP! Lindsay did a great job at planning everything. Truly a fun experience, and I recommend it to anyone looking for new gravel with new riders!

Stephanie H., Women's Camp, Oct '22

I attended the women's camp in Patagonia. It was my first trip down, and what an amazing introduction! Lindsay did a phenomenal job planning the trip. Everything was so well organized and the communication before, during, and after was excellent. We knew exactly what to bring, the ride maps were shared, and she also did the food shopping for dinners. When we arrived on Friday, we did a fun ride and then Lindsay made us a delicious dinner. On Saturday, a representative from Skratch Labs joined us to discuss nutrition and give out samples, which was so informative. We had a great ride on Saturday with an amazing route and then enjoyed each other’s company after and got to learn how each of us got into riding. We ended the night chatting around the campfire. Overall, it was an amazing experience. Lindsay is such a great host and was so prepared for our weekend. I met a wonderful group of riders that I now call friends. Would absolutely attend another GRVL CAMP!

Lindsay does a phenomenal job getting us well fed, situated and accommodated, and creating a fun environment for everyone to enjoy a quick getaway from their daily routine. The Skratch nutrition presentation was a nice touch especially if nutrition is something one struggles with on long rides (and races).

Pedro G., Patagonia Camp, Oct '22

GRVL CAMP was one of my favorite weekends on the bike! Choice routes, great food, and great people made this is truly wonderful experience and I would absolutely do it again!

Alison R., Women's Camp, Apr '22

Brandon S., Patagonia Camp, Mar '23

GRVL CAMP is great way to visit a new city for riding and meeting other rad cyclists! Overall, a great weekend!

Heather S., Women's Camp, Sept '22

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